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The PowerScore GRE Verbal Reasoning Bible
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The PowerScore GRE Verbal Reasoning Bible
is the most comprehensive book available for the verbal portion of the GRE. Other companies offer guides that combine the math and verbal sections, usually only briefly addressing Verbal Reasoning, or they split the verbal segment by question type, requiring readers to purchase multiple books for the same section of the GRE. The GRE Verbal Reasoning Bible, however, dedicates the entirety of its 473 pages to detailed solution strategies for attacking Text Completion, Sentence Equivalence, and Reading Comprehension questions. It’s the ultimate proven resource for learning powerful methodologies to increase your knowledge, speed, confidence, and ultimately your score on this highly intimidating portion of the GRE.

The GRE Reasoning Bible includes:

  • Instructions for deconstructing the four types of question stems in Text Completion and Sentence Equivalence questions
  • Key identifiers for the 4 types of wrong answer traps in Text Completion and Sentence Equivalence questions
  • Strategies for decoding difficult vocabulary
  • A vocabulary diagnostic to determine the extent of study of vocabulary words
  • A glossary of common GRE root words, prefixes, and suffixes
  • Approaches to actively reading different types of passages for time, comprehension, and pattern recognition
  • Analysis of Reading Comprehension question right and wrong answer choices, including 6 types of answer traps
  • Directions for deconstructing the 3 main types of Reading Comprehension questions (Vocabulary-in-Context, Literal Comprehension, and Extended Reasoning questions) and 7 question sub-types (such as Parallel Reasoning and Inferences)
  • Detailed methodologies for quickly identifying and solving questions from Argument Passages, including Method of Reasoning and Assumption questions
  • Over 300 example questions, practice questions, and drills in Text Completion, Sentence Equivalence, and Reading Comprehension, all with full explanations
  • Appendix of 700 of the most commonly-occurring GRE vocabulary words, complete with definitions, context sentences, word forms and related words
  • Advice for thinking positively about the test and the Verbal Reasoning section
  • Chapter Summaries that review key points from each section

Author Vicki Wood

About the Author

Victoria Wood is a test preparation expert, specializing in the GMAT, GRE, and SAT. With over 20 years experience in education and test preparation, she has assisted thousands of high school and college students in exceeding their standardized testing goals in reading, writing, and mathematics. She is the author and co-author of many acclaimed PowerScore publications, including the GMAT Sentence Correction Bible, the GMAT Verbal Bible, the SAT Essential Flash Cards, and the SAT Math Bible. Currently, Ms. Wood serves as a Senior Curriculum Developer at PowerScore Test Preparation.