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The PowerScore 2020-2021 LSAT Logical Reasoning Bible
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This is a hardcopy paperback book.

The PowerScore LSAT Logical Reasoning BibleTM is the most comprehensive book available for the Logic Reasoning section of the LSAT. This book will provide you with an advanced system for attacking any Logical Reasoning question that you may encounter on the LSAT. The concepts presented in the Logical Reasoning Bible are representative of the techniques covered in PowerScore’s live courses and have been consistently proven effective for thousands of our students. The book features and explains a detailed methodology for attacking all aspects of Logic Reasoning problems, including recognizing question types, identifying common reasoning elements and determining their validity, the methods for efficiently and accurately making inferences, and techniques for quickly eliminating answer choices as you solve the questions. Entire chapters are devoted to every currently-tested question type, to section strategy and time management, and to even the most challenging reasoning concepts presented, such as Formal Logic, Conditional Reasoning, and Causality.

In addition, the Logical Reasoning Bible features discussion of aspects of the Digital LSAT interface as well as diagramming strategies. You'll also find a look at the LSAC digital interface itself – with its key features noted – and over 100 real LSAT Logical Reasoning questions that are used to illustrate and reinforce our techniques. This includes examples for each of the question types referenced above. The two Logical Reasoning sections on the LSAT represent approximately 50% of your final score and are frequently considered to be the most challenging aspect of the test. However, once you understand how to efficiently approach each question type and deconstruct the reasoning presented, the solution to each question can be quickly discovered. Through step-by-step analysis of every reasoning idea that you will encounter, detailed explanations for every answer choice, and extensive drills to enforce every major concept, this book will teach you how to correctly solve even the most complicated Logical Reasoning problems.

The Logical Reasoning Bible is also supplemented by a unique website that provides additional materials to complement the book and answer frequently asked student questions.

Table of Contents

  • Chapter One: Introduction
  • Chapter Two: The Basics of Logical Reasoning
  • Chapter Three: The Question Stem and Answer Choices
  • Chapter Four: Must Be True and Most Strongly Supported Questions
  • Chapter Five: Main Point Questions
  • Chapter Six: Conditional Reasoning
  • Chapter Seven: Weaken Questions
  • Chapter Eight: Cause and Effect Reasoning
  • Chapter Nine: Strengthen Questions
  • Chapter Ten: Justify the conclusion Questions
  • Chapter Eleven: Assumption Questions
  • Chapter Twelve: Resolve the Paradox Questions
  • Chapter Thirteen: Formal Logic
  • Chapter Fourteen: Method of Reasoning Questions
  • Chapter Fifteen: Flaw in the Reasoning Questions
  • Chapter Sixteen: Parallel Reasoning Questions
  • Chapter Seventeen: Numbers and Percentages
  • Chapter Eighteen: Evaluate the Argument Questions
  • Chapter Nineteen: Cannot Be True Questions
  • Chapter Twenty: Point at Issue and Point of Agreement Questions
  • Chapter Twenty-One: Principle Questions
  • Chapter Twenty-Two: Section Strategy and Time Management
  • Online Appendix Information
  • Glossary and Index

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By Dave Currens

"I completed (another company's) prep class and did not feel that I received enough training on the Logical Reasoning sections of the LSAT. The PowerScore Logical Reasoning Bible has definitely helped me to better understand the fundamental concepts that underlie the Logical Reasoning question types and expanded upon the knowledge I had already gained. "

By Stephanie Ross

"I studied for about a month using test prep materials from another company. After taking three practice LSATs I saw no improvement in my test scores. After studying with the Logical Reasoning Bible for three weeks, I saw my practice test score increase by six points! PowerScore helped me to understand everything on the test. The explanations provided by the book cover everything so thoroughly I didn't have a chance to get confused. My only regret is not buying a PowerScore book earlier."

By Cammi Kelleher

"The Logical Reasoning Bible helped me have the 'epiphany' I needed to conquer those sections of the LSAT, which ultimately enabled me to feel relaxed on test day. I recommend this book to EVERYONE who is preparing for the LSAT."

By Arno Keshishian

"The greatest LSAT prep book that money can buy. I had taken another (rival) prep course, which had helped me improve my score to a point where I thought I was happy, but after purchasing the LR Bible, it spearheaded me into the 99th percentile! I credit my success with the LSAT solely to the LR Bible, NOTHING ELSE."

By William Nones

"If you are going to take the LSAT, and you plan on studying on your own without taking a course, you MUST, MUST, MUST purchase The PowerScore LSAT Logic Games Bible and The PowerScore LSAT Logical Reasoning Bible. Save yourself hundreds of dollars by NOT purchasing any study guides from Kaplan, Barron's, Princeton Review, etc. Save yourself time by getting these PowerScore books as soon as possible. You'll be glad you did, and you'll notice a big improvement on your LSAT abilities."

By Jeff Thomas

"This book is hands down the best book I've seen for LSAT prep! I have used Princeton, Kaplan, and Barrons. Your book is perfectly put together and so easy to understand. I have honestly learned more in 3 weeks with this book, than I did with 3 months of the other books combined."

By Barbra Ongwico

"This book is absolutely amazing. It explains the logical reasoning question types with such clarity. The concepts were so easy to grasp. I highly highly recommend this book, coupled with the Logic Games Bible, you practically can teach yourself. This illustrates how clear the explanations are presented."

By Andy Mielnik

"Two weeks before the LSAT I was freaking out because my score was not improving, especially in the Logical Reasoning section of the LSAT. I was taking a test prep class at the time (Princeton Review), but I still did not grasp a test taking strategy for the LSAT. One week after I completed The PowerScore LSAT Logical Reasoning Bible, my score went up 5 points! The concepts taught in the book even helped me improve in the Reading Comprehension section. When I finally took the LSAT, my score went up 8 points from what I started with two weeks before. Thanks PowerScore! Now I can pick the law school I want to go to."

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Author David Killoran

About the Author

Dave Killoran, a graduate of Duke University, is an expert in test preparation with over 20 years of teaching experience and a 99th percentile score on a LSAC-administered LSAT. In addition to having written PowerScore's legendary LSAT Bible Series, and many other popular publications, Dave has overseen the preparation of thousands of students and founded two national LSAT preparation companies. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does The PowerScore LSAT Logical Reasoning Bible use real LSAT questions?
Yes, we believe using real questions is crucial for high-level LSAT preparation. The Logical Reasoning Bible features 135 real questions drawn from previously released LSATs.
Is the Logical Reasoning Bible just a collection of problems or will it teach me how to understand and solve reasoning questions?
The purpose of the Logical Reasoning Bible is to teach you how to attack and solve every type of Logical Reasoning question that appears on the LSAT. There are extensive explanations of the PowerScore methodology, how-to’s on identifying argument structure and inference-making, helpful drills, and of course full explanations to all the problems in the book. The book features real LSAT questions to help explain our approach and to provide you with practice in applying our techniques.
If some of the questions in the book are drawn from the 10 Real LSAT PrepTests or 10 More Real LSAT PrepTests will that hurt my preparation?
No! First, there are thousands of LSAT Logical Reasoning questions currently in release from LSAC, and we use only a fraction of those in the Logical Reasoning Bible. And, a number of the questions in the book are NOT drawn from the 10 Real LSAT PrepTests or 10 More Real LSAT PrepTests. Regardless, even if you encounter a problem in a practice test that you have seen in the book, the Bible will show you how to attack that question in the most efficient manner possible. You cannot be hurt by seeing the best way to solve a question, and many students realize after reading the Logical Reasoning Bible that methods they previously used and thought were efficient were in fact inefficient.

In addition, the Logical Reasoning Bible contains a number of drills that will help you learn the skills taught in the book. Between the drills and questions, you will have a variety of opportunities to learn and apply the PowerScore methodology.