The PowerScore 2024 LSAT Bible Trilogy
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These are hardcopy paperback books.

The most comprehensive books available for learning how to approach each section of the LSAT. Learn advanced systems for attacking any game, question, or passage that you may encounter. Master each section of the LSAT using the industry leading concepts developed by PowerScore.

The PowerScore Logic Games Bible

  • Recognize game types and properly represent rules
  • Learn techniques for solving each question type
  • Review detailed explanations for 28 official LSAT Logic Games
  • Make inferences efficiently and accurately
  • Learn to manage your time on the Logic Games section

The PowerScore Logical Reasoning Bible

  • Solve every type of Logical Reasoning question
  • Review detailed explanations for over 100 official LSAT Logical Reasoning Questions
  • Recognize question types
  • Identify common reasoning elements and determine their validity
  • Make inferences efficiently and accurately
  • Learn to manage your time on the Logical Reasoning section

The PowerScore Reading Comprehension Bible

  • Read substantial discussions about how to deconstruct the passages
  • Review detailed explanations for12 official LSAT Reading Comprehension Passages
  • Learn how to identify and attack the questions
  • Successfully avoid traps set by the test makers
  • Work through a variety of drills and exercises
  • Strengthen specific skills that are critical for LSAT excellence

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By Jack

"This trilogy is a great start to LSAT study prep, especially if you're self studier like me. I started off unable to complete more than half of the logic game section on practice tests. Now, after no prep other than reading these books, I am completing at least three out of four games per test with 100% accuracy with at least enough time left over to get a good start on the last game in each Analytical Reasoning section. I started out stronger in LR and RC sections, but found the Powerscore books in these categories very helpful as well (average improvement from around - 6 total in LR to maybe - 2 or - 3, and from about - 4 in RC to - 1 or - 0 on each practice test I've taken).... I can't recommend this series enough."

By Queen D

"If you are studying for the LSAT, you NEED these books! This trilogy literally has all the information you need to conquer the LSAT. Each book does an amazing job of teaching you how to conquer each section. The PowerScore method for attacking the logic game sections is by far the best method out there. Anyone who has learned a different method, I recommend that they look into the PowerScore method. Each book has drills, examples, and practice problems. They are set up so at the end of each chapter you apply what you learned to practice problems. They also have drills throughout chapters. It is interactive and easy to read and understand."

By Amazon Customer

"This company is far better than any of the expensive ones on which lsat test takers spend over thousands. I would definitely recommend powerscore books. They are well-detailed and make the question approach technique so easily graspable."

By Benjamin

"Being a first time LSAT taker and a current college student I appreciated how neatly laid out these books are. The authors really took the time to break down exactly what needs to be done in order to obtain the highest score possible, plus the added bonus of helpful tips in the side margins. If you are serious about doing well on the LSAT then these are the books you need to get."

By Shaista Sharf

"The books were clearly organized and made everything easier to understand, I really felt like I knew the LSAT and the test-makers after finishing through the books. Nothing surprised me on test day! It was a worthy investment."

By Aimee

"I feel so much more confident going into this next LSAT with the help of the Powerscore books! It seemed arduous at first, but taking the time to put in the work really makes it worth while! Couldn't do this without them!"

By Erika Pichardo

"These books helped to give a clear and distinctive understanding to the LSAT. The books gave tips and tricks, and each time I flipped the page, I felt as if I had my own personal tutor."

By Flora Ujkic

"PowerScore Trilogy bundle is of great value! Thorough reading of the books and careful review of the practice questions allowed me to increase my LSAT score by approximately 30 points. They offer excellent examples as well as explanations to help you understand why the correct answer is the best choice and why other answer choices seem attractive but are incorrect."

By Amazon Customer

"I have not taken the LSAT just yet, but I have taken several practice tests and these books have helped me do way better than I ever thought I could! They are straightforward and easy to teach yourself from. Highly recommend."

By Frankie Glenn

"Worth every penny - with these prep books, all of my anxieties from the LSAT were removed because I had knowledge that gave me the confidence I needed."

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Author David Killoran

About the Authors

Dave Killoran, a graduate of Duke University, is an expert in test preparation with over 20 years of teaching experience and a 99th percentile score on a LSAC-administered LSAT. In addition to having written PowerScore's legendary LSAT Bible Series, and many other popular publications, Dave has overseen the preparation of thousands of students and founded two national LSAT preparation companies. 

Jon Denning, a graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology, oversees product creation and instructor training for all of the exam services PowerScore offers. He is also a Senior Instructor with 99th percentile scores on the LSAT, GMAT, GRE, SAT, and ACT, and for the past 15 years has assisted thousands of students in the college, graduate, and law school admissions processes.