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A strong vocabulary is often an indicator of academic achievement, which is why the SAT Critical Reading section uses so many challenging vocabulary words in both Sentence Completion and Reading Comprehension questions. Fortunately for the test taker, many of these words are used recurrently on multiple tests, which is why PowerScore has analyzed over 50 tests to bring you the most commonly-occurring vocabulary words on the SAT. This set of flash cards contains the most essential vocabulary for SAT success; it contains two decks, the Top 100 Sentence Completion words and the Top 100 Reading Comprehension words. These 200 words should be the foundation of your vocabulary preparation, as you are sure to encounter a large majority of them throughout your SAT study and testing experience. In addition to a standard definition, each card uses the word in a sentence and offers common word forms, antonym forms, and related words to help you increase retainability and strengthen memorization skills. Use these portable and compact flash cards in class, on the bus, at home, or anywhere you go!

Author Vicki Wood

About the Author

Victoria Wood is a test preparation expert, specializing in the ACT and SAT. With over 20 years of experience in education and test preparation, she has assisted thousands of high school and college students in exceeding their standardized testing goals in reading, writing, and mathematics. She is the author and co-author of many acclaimed PowerScore publication, including The GMAT Sentence Correction Bible, The GRE Verbal Reasoning Bible, The GRE Quantitative Reasoning Bible, and The SAT Bible Trilogy. Currently, Ms. Wood serves as a Senior Curriculum Developor at PowerScore Test Preparation. You can reach her at vwood@powerscore.com.