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The PowerScore ACT and SAT Reading Bible
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If you are like most students, the Reading sections of the ACT and the SAT are the most challenging aspect of the tests. So it's essential that you study with the most authoritative, comprehensive, and practical guide on the market: The PowerScore ACT and SAT Reading Bible.

Most ACT and SAT prep books superficially cover all sections of a single test; they may address the Reading section in as few as 20 pages in order to accommodate Math, Writing, Science, and fabricated practice tests. The PowerScore ACT and SAT Reading Bible, on the other hand, is a comprehensive guide that dedicates over 400 pages to helping students exclusively raise their Reading scores. Designed to assist the resolute student taking a single test or the multi-tasking test taker attempting both tests, this book thoroughly examines how the test makers assess reading fundamentals and teaches you how to target the right answers and avoid the wrong ones. You won't find another resource with more material or more definitive methods for improving ACT and SAT Reading scores. 

The ACT and SAT Reading Bible includes:

  • A chapter for parents explaining important test and admissions information and suggesting ways parents can help their child succeed
  • Instructions for deconstructing the three main types of Reading questions (Words-in-Context, Literal Comprehension, and Extended Reasoning questions) and a dozen question sub-types (such as Main Idea, Inferences, and Parellel Reasoning)
  • Key identifiers for six types of wrong answer traps
  • Approaches to actively reading different types of passages for time, comprehension, and pattern recognition
  • An entire chapter dedicated exclusively to the further intricacies of the SAT with detailed methodologies for quickly solving Command of Evidence questions
  • Highlighted sidebars for information or sections of text that occasionally pertain to only the ACT or vice versa.
  • Tips, tricks, and test traps summarized in the margins of the book
  • Over 250 examples, drills, and practice questions, all with full explanations, including a chapter with several practice passage sets
  • An appendix of 300 of the most commonly-occurring ACT and SAT 'relevant' vocabulary words, complete with definitions, context sentences, word forms and related words, as well as over 100 additional vocabulary words defined throughout the book
  • Advice for thinking positively about the test, the Reading section, and the student's skill set in mastering the test
  • Chapter summaries that review key points from each section

If you want to master ACT or SAT Reading, there is only one solution: The PowerScore ACT and SAT Reading Bible. You won't believe the results

Author Vicki Wood

About the Author

Victoria Wood is a test preparation expert, specializing in the ACT and SAT. With over 20 years of experience in education and test preparation, she has assisted thousands of high school and college students in exceeding their standardized testing goals in reading, writing, and mathematics. She is the author and co-author of many acclaimed PowerScore publication, including The GMAT Sentence Correction Bible, The GRE Verbal Reasoning Bible, The GRE Quantitative Reasoning Bible, and The SAT Bible Trilogy. Currently, Ms. Wood serves as a Senior Curriculum Developor at PowerScore Test Preparation. You can reach her at