The PowerScore SAT Writing Bible

The PowerScore SAT Writing Bible

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Named the Best SAT Book for 2013 by, The PowerScore SAT Writing Bible is the authoritative guide to both the essay and multiple choice Writing sections of the SAT. Packed with powerful writing techniques and a high-scoring essay template, the book is a surefire way for students to improve composition skills and raise essay scores. Plus, whether students are five years or five months removed from their last grammar class, the SAT Writing Bible effectively prepares them for the multiple choice Writing section by reviewing relevant grammatical concepts and highlighting common error patterns. And unlike other prep guides, this 430 page book is dedicated entirely to the Writing section of the SAT.

The SAT Writing Bible includes:

  • An analytical breakdown of the three types of multiple choice questions—Improving Sentences, Identifying Sentence Errors, and Improving Paragraphs—and strategies for mastering these question types and eliminating answer choices
  • A thorough review of grammatical concepts tested on the SAT
  • Frequency guides for the rate of appearance of specific errors on past SATs
  • Dissection of error types by parts of speech (such as Verb Tense Errors or Pronoun Choice Errors) or sentence structure (such as Parallel Structure Errors or Comparison Errors)
  • Comprehensive list of “Alarm Bell” error indicators
  • Analysis of the frequency of “No Error” answers by question type
  • Directions for composing a winning essay as defined by College Board rubrics
  • Over 270 example and practice questions, all with detailed explanations
  • Advice for thinking positively about the test and the Writing section
  • An appendix featuring lists of irregular verbs, common idiomatic expressions, and concise corrections for wordy language Online supplements, including Writing error indicator flash cards for and a Blue Book Database of question classifications from The Official SAT Study Guide

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The SAT Writing Bible is a part of PowerScore’s SAT Bible Trilogy, which also includes the SAT Math Bible and the SAT Reading Bible. As a set, these books comprise the preeminent guides to quickly and effectively mastering all three sections of the SAT.

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