The PowerScore SAT Math Bible

The PowerScore SAT Math Bible

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Selected by as the Best SAT Book for 2013
The PowerScore SAT Math Bible is the definitive study guide for the Math section of the SAT. From the fundamentals of operations to the complexities of functions in the coordinate plane, The SAT Math Bible analyzes every question type tested and provides the most efficient methods for attacking those questions. The Math portion of the SAT is unlike other math tests, as it assesses not only your ability to perform mathematical operations, but also your aptitude for reasoning and recognizing unconventional solution methods. Written by an SAT expert, this 475-page book reveals secrets of the SAT for both the mathematically-challenged and the Calculus-bound gifted, making the questions seem less like math and more like puzzles. Ideal for both high and low scorers, the SAT Math Bible provides students with a significant edge that increases their confidence, mathematical mastery, and test scores.

The book contains all of the following essentials for SAT prep:

  • An analytical breakdown of both Multiple Choice questions and Student-Produced Response questions
  • Frequency guides for the rate of appearance of specific question types on past SATs
  • Drills to determine operation mastery
  • Detailed explanations of eight solution strategies for attacking SAT math questions
  • Chapters divided by content area (Arithmetic, Algebra, Algebra II, Geometry, Coordinate Geometry, and Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability)
  • A comprehensive review of content knowledge and skill sets required for tested concepts (such as finding the volume of right circular cylinders)
  • Detailed explanations of how each tested concept is applied to SAT reasoning questions (such as finding hidden triangles in right circular cylinders)
  • Highlighted “Arithmetricks” and SAT Traps throughout the book
  • Over 375 example and practice questions, all with detailed explanations
  • Advice for thinking positively about the test and the Math section
  • A glossary of math terms used in the book and required on the SAT (such as integer, ratio, and regular polygon)
  • Online supplements, including Math Flash Cards containing all relevant formulas and definitions and a Blue Book Database of question classifications from The Official SAT Study Guide

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The SAT Math Bible is a part of PowerScore’s SAT Bible Trilogy, which also includes The SAT Writing Bible and The SAT Reading Bible. As a set, these books comprise the preeminent guides to quickly and effectively mastering all three sections of the SAT.

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